Cadillac Owners Center

Cadillac Owners Center


Synonymous with class, Cadillac was one of the first automotive manufacturers in history, and it is still a top luxury brand today. Cadillac owners are always in control; every need is at their fingertips through the online Cadillac Owner Centre. From this one-stop hub, you can navigate to almost any information you might seek regarding your Cadillac. See vehicle diagnostics, watch how-to videos, schedule appointments, and look up information specific to your vehicle by searching the year and model. If you are in the market for your next car, do not miss our exceptional selection of new inventory. Browse online or visit us at Dueck Cadillac in Vancouver, BC, to find your perfect Cadillac.


With the OnStar Safety and Security Plan, you are protected via multiple sophisticated services. Your vehicle will automatically notify OnStar in the event of a crash (with the Automatic Crash Response feature), and emergency services will be contacted and sent to your location immediately, even if you cannot respond. An emergency-certified advisor will be available to you 24/7, and you can summon their assistance with only a push of the OnStar button. Stolen Vehicle Assistance gives you the upper hand against car thieves, as OnStar advisors will cooperate with law enforcement to locate and recover your vehicle in case of theft. OnStar is perhaps best known for its Turn-by-Turn Navigation function, which Cadillac owners love. To use this feature, push the blue OnStar button to reach an advisor who will send downloadable instructions to your vehicle. For crises that are not accidents like severe weather and other emergencies, advisors can also provide special assistance and routing instructions. That service is called Crisis Assist. Physical help is available, too, as OnStar offers 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Finally, you can feel safer knowing that even in areas of poor cell phone service, your in-vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot can connect you from remote locations.


Cadillac Connected Access refers to all the technology keeping you effortlessly connected to your Cadillac and your Cadillac connected to the world. Using an app, you can start and stop your vehicle remotely. You may similarly lock or unlock the doors to avoid getting stuck outside your car without a key. You may also schedule a maintenance service, set boundary notifications, and more from your phone. Choose from one of the available data plans based on what you believe works best and makes the most of your connected access capabilities. And when you do connect on the go, hands-free calling makes it safer and simpler to continue dedicating as much focus to the road as possible.


From the Cadillac Owner Centre, you can handle all things related to maintenance and service concerning your vehicle. Pull up diagnostic reports, review your warranty, and schedule/manage your service appointments. Always get correct and timely care with Cadillac Certified Service, so your Cadillac runs at peak performance for as long as you own it.


Also found in the Owner Centre is a “How-to and Support” section. You can log into your account to access how-to videos and additional prepared vehicle help information. If you need to look up something in your owner’s manual, digital copies are also available to view from this page. Finally, the support section has a link dedicated only to instructive advice about pairing your Cadillac with Bluetooth. With Bluetooth pairing, you can connect your mobile device with your Cadillac, allowing you to play music from your phone, take calls, and issue voice commands through your car’s sound system. If you encounter problems with operating Bluetooth, visit the How-to and Support section for troubleshooting directions.


Looking for your next (or first!) Cadillac? Contact our finance centre for information about the financing options and payment plans available. Please be aware that we have a trade-in option as well. We will apply a guaranteed value for your used vehicle that can be used towards your purchase price, making your transition to a brand-new Cadillac that much more smooth and affordable.