Detailing Packages

Whether its spilled coffee, muddy boots prints or just plain everyday grime at Dueck Cadillac our detailing team can bring your ride back into tip top shape. We take great pride in deep cleaning and protecting your vehicles from future stains. Check out below for all our services and detailing packages.


Our Services:

(Pricing starting from)

  • Hand Wash, Claybar, Polish and Sealant (Polished to Showroom Shine): $189.99
  • Complete Interior Shampoo (Carpet/Seats): $99.99
  • Shampoo Carpets (Only): $59.99
  • Shampoo Seats (Only): $59.99
  • Heavy Pet Hair Removal: As Quoted
  • OZONE Sanitation: $99.00
  • Headlight Restoration: $49.95

Bronze Detail

  • Wash entire vehicle and completely dry using synthetic chamois (Limits water-spots from appearing)
  • Wheel Cleaning (Inner Rim with Spoke Brush)
  • Interior Fender Wells (All Door Jambs and Trunk Jambs included in Vehicle Washing)
  • Centre Console Interior Trim
  • Cleaning (Door Trim/Air vents. All Vinyl Trim inside vehicle)
  • Interior Glass Cleaning
  • Vacuum (Light Carpet Freshener upon Request)
  • Premium Tire Dressing applied

Pricing starting from:

Cars: $99.95
Trucks: $139.95

Silver Detail

Bronze Package Included, Plus:

  • Complete Engine Washed and Degreased (dressing applied upon Request)
  • Interior upholstery deodorized with carpet fabric refresher, spot shampoo with high heat extractor (Limited to number of stains)
  • Complete Exterior Wax Protectant Coating, which leaves a high gloss and produces water

Pricing starting from:

Cars: $199.95
Trucks: $259.95

Gold Detail

Bronze & Silver Packages Included, Plus:

  • Hand-Clean Engine Bay Apply special formulated Solvent to break down engine oils and grease
  • Complete Vehicle Polish using our state of the art polishing products for a long lasting excellent shine
  • Complete molding, door, window and all body line crevices detailed with extra fine detail brush to remove dirt and mildew that get accumulated over time
  • Hot water extractor shampoo to all carpet and upholstery, removing unwanted smells and bacteria
  • Complementary Vent Air Freshener (Mango/Orange)

Pricing starting from:

Cars: $299.95
Trucks: $359.95

Ceramic Coating

Dueck Paint Package with Glass

  • 1 layer of ceramic base coat as paint protection an all painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of ceramic topcoat on all surfaces (paint, glass, light)
  • 1 layer of ceramic glass coating on all windows