Cadillac Maintenance Plan

Essential Care and Enhanced Care
Whether you buy or lease your car, crossover, SUV, light duty truck, or van, it's a major purchase and one you'll want to enjoy and protect throughout the ownership period. You can make maintenance easier and extend the life of your vehicle by keeping it well serviced with the Essential Care or Enhanced Care pre-paid vehicle maintenance plan products offered by General Motors of Canada Limited.

Both Essential or Enhanced Care provide basic maintenance coverage, oil & filter changes, chassis lubrication, inspections, tire rotations and other specified maintenance services as outlined in the Cadillac maintenance plan contract. 

Essential Care and Enhanced Care also means no unexpected financial surprises or out-of-pocket costs for covered maintenance services. And, your vehicle is maintained properly - especially important if you lease it - because maintenance is done by the people who know your vehicle best - the certified service experts at Dueck Cadillac. 

Meets Your Needs

Match Essential Care and Enhanced Care to your driving needs. Coverages are offered in a variety of time and kilometre combinations up to 7 years and 120000 km. There are NO additional fees, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses on covered maintenance services. Essential Care is available for vehicles that are less than 3 model years old and with no more than 60,000 km on the odometer. Enhanced Care can be purchased when you decide to sell your vehicle. If you decide to sell your vehicle, Essential Care and Enhanced Care can be transferred to the next retail owner without any transfer fee.

Whether you choose Essential Care or Enhanced Care, specified maintenance needs for your vehicle are covered (refer to the Coverage Highlights at a Glance). Regardless of which plan or term you select, it will give you peace of mind.

Take The Next Steps

Essential Care and Enhanced Care offer you maintenance convenience and security. Remember, you can trust Essential Care and Enhanced Care to:
  • Simplify your vehicle's maintenance
  • Protect you from inflation and the timing of certain maintenance service expenses.
  • Ensure covered maintenance services are completed by Cadillac certified service experts.
Ask Dueck Cadillac for details about Essential Care and Enhanced Care. You'll discover the benefits of protecting your vehicle purchase and enjoy knowing that with Essential Care or Enhanced Care, you have convenience wherever you drive... and peace of mind for the life of your vehicle maintenance contract.   

Essential Care and Enhanced Care vehicle maintenance service plans include specific coverage benefits based on the term and kilometres selected. 

Engine oil & filter change and chassis lubrication maintenance services and inspections are based on the oil life monitor and are subject to a maximum number of services depending on the term and kilometres selected. Other maintenance services are covered by Essential Care and Enhanced Care are subject to specified time/kilometre intervals as outlined in your vehicle's Owner Manual maintenance schedule, when applicable. Other restrictions and limitations apply. See your Dueck Financial Consultant for complete details. 

Coverage Highlights at a Glance

Essential Care:
  • Oil & filter changes, and chassis lubrication; according to the oil life monitor system
  • Tire rotation and multi-point vehicle inspection
  • Cabin air filter (if applicable)
  • Engine air filter
  • Seat filter (if applicable)
  • Change brake / clutch hydraulic fluid (if applicable)
  • Spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Change transfer case fluid (if applicable)
  • Drain, flush and fill engine cooling system

Enhanced Care - Includes all Essential Care options, plus:
  • Front/rear brake pads/ linings and rotors/drums: (Maximum 1 service for terms up to 80,000 km) / (Maximum of 2 services for terms of (100,000 - 120,000 km)
  • Front/rear brake rotor/drum resurfacing
  • Shock absorbers
  • Engine hoses and clamps
  • Engine belts
  • Light bulbs
  • Wiper blades
Questions & Answers

Q. What is Essential Care?
A. Essential Care is a vehicle maintenance service contract for leased or purchased passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, light duty trucks, or vans that are operated for personal use.

Q. What does Essential Care cover?
A. Essential Care provides maintenance service coverage for oil & filter changes, chassis lubrication, tire rotation, multi-point vehicle inspection and other services. See your dealer for complete coverage details. 

Q. What is Enhanced Care?
A. Enhanced Care provides the same coverage as Essential Care as well as maintenance services for brakes, shock absorbers, wiper blades, light bulbs and more. See your dealer for complete coverage details. 

Q. Why should I pre-pay for my maintenance?
A. Essential Care and Enhanced Care can save you money on the basic maintenance services recommended in your vehicle's Owner Manual and can help to protect you against inflationary increases for parts and labour by removing the worry about having to pay for these individual services in the future.

Q. Are Essential Care and Enhanced Care transferable?
A. Yes, both plans may be transferred to the next retail owners without any transfer fee.

Q. What do I ultimately get from Essential Care or Enhanced Care?
A. You have the convenience of covered scheduled maintenance services, provided by Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac certified service experts when you need it. You will also have a well-maintained vehicle and peace of mind for the long run. 

Q. What about 'Special Application Services' and/or 'Additional Maintenance and Care' identified in the Vehicle's Owner Manual?
A. Maintenance services not covered by Essential Care or Enhanced Care may be performed at your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac dealer at customer expense. See your dealer at customer expense. See your dealer for complete coverage details. 

Q. Can I finance the purchase of Essential Care or Enhanced Care?
A. Yes, you can include the cost with your vehicle finance or lease contract. Certain restrictions apply. See your dealer for details.