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Protection Comes In Many Different Forms
The strength of Cadillac Protection Plans is the depth of protection it offers, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Here are some of the main benefits:
  • Inflation protection - you are protected against the continuing rise in prices for automotive repairs.
  • 'Normal wear' coverage - you are covered for parts and assemblies that simply wear out over the years, such as wheel bearing, piston rings, ball joints, air conditioning compressor, alternators, tie rods, pitman arm, and intermediate shift. 
  • The Cadillac Protection Plan is supported by the largest dealer network in North America.
  • The costs of Cadillac Protection Plan can be included as part of lease or finance payments.
  • Choice of plan terms up to: 7 years / 160,000 km on New vehicle OR 5 years / 100,000 km on Used vehicles.
  • You can choose either a $100 or $200 deductible in most cases ($0 deductible options may also be available. See your dealer for details). And once a part has failed and been  repaired, you are never charged a deductible for any subsequent repair to the same part. 
GM Roadside Assistance
Total Plus provides additional 'peace of mind' convenience by offering 24-hour assistance for:
  • Towing to your nearest GM Dealer Lost or locked-in keys.
  • Flat-tire changing
  • Out-of-fuel emergencies
  • Jump starts
  • Lodging and meal allowance in the event your vehicle breakdown leave you stranded out of town.
Rental / Alternative Transportation Allowance
A $50-per-day allowance is provided by Total Plus to help cover the cost of rental vehicle or other form of alternate transportation. This allowance is made available while your vehicle is in the shop for covered repairs that require at least 2 hours of shop labour time or that make your vehicle inoperable, requiring it to be held overnight. This benefit is subject to a $250 maximum per occurrence. 
Total Plus
Essentially, Total Plus provides repair cost protection to the mechanical and electrical components on your GM vehicle from the sophisticated electronic commonplace in today's gas diesel, hybrid and electronic vehicles.
Our Protection Plan provides coverage for items beyond the manufacturer's base warranty:
  • Cooling and Fuel
  • Steering
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Electrical and Power Accessories
  • Heater and Air Conditioning
  • High-Tech Features
  • Body and Interior
  • Supplemental Restraint Systems
  • Emissions
What's Covered?
The following is a partial list of vehicles components that are protected under the Cadillac Protection Plan Total Plus coverage? A Complete list would be so large it would fill up several pages! This plan covers practically every moving electrical part on your vehicle, except for specific cosmetic or maintenance items.
Heater and Air Conditioning
Compressor, clutch and pulley, condenser, evaporator, accumulator, seals, high/low pressure compressor cut-off switch and pressure cycling switch, heater core and blower motor, and air conditioning hoses.

Power Accessories
Power windows, power doors, power seat motors and adjusting mechanism, power antenna, cruise control, electronic level control compressor, sensor and limiter valve, factory-installed compass readout, thermometer readout and climate control programmers and radio/cassette/CD/MP3 Player.

Includes gear housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, steering main and intermediate shafts, couplings, idler arm, pitman arm, power steering hoses, seals and gaskets. Also includes steering actuators and modules (Quadrasteer).

Cylinder block, heads, all internal lubricated engine parts, manifold, timing gears, timing hear chain/belt, timing gear cover, flywheel, oil pump/oil pump housing, seals, gaskets, water pump, fuel pump, fuel level sensor, harmonic balancer, OHC carries, valve covers, engine cooler lines, oil pan and engine mounts. Also covered are turbocharger / supercharger housing internal parts, valves, intercooler, seals and gaskets.

Diesel Engine
All of the above engine parts, plus diesel fuel injectors, injection pump, lines, nozzles and vacuum pump. 

Evaporator canister, evaporator canister solenoids, and oxygen sensors. 
Master cylinder, assist boosters, wheels cylinder, combinations valve, hydraulic lines and fittings, disc calipers, seals, gaskets, modulator valve/dump valve, pump motor assembly and accumulator, ABS Hydraulic Modulator, ABC Module, sensors, relays, switches and solenoids. 

Front / Rear Wheel Drive
Final drive housing, all internal parts, axle shafts and axle shaft bearings constant velocity joints, front differential actuator, axle housing, all internal parts, propeller shafts, 'u' joints, wheel bearing, locking hubs, supports, front hub bearings and rear axle hub bearing seals and gaskets. 

Body and Interior
Safety belt retractors, glove box locks, hood latch and supports, door handles and lock cylinders. Also includes fibre optic illumination of switches and gauges, sliding door mechanism, heating and air conditioning duct assemblies. 

High Tech Features
OnStar system, OnStar module, factory-installed DVD entertainments system, XM Satellite Radio, power sliding door actuator and module, HID headlight ballast and start unit, remote keyless entry system, rear view camera, back-up sensors, navigation system, Bluetooth system, sunroof mechanism. 

Front Suspension
Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushing upper and lower ball joints. King pins, steering knuckles, seals, stabilizer shaft, and stabilizer bushings.
Starter motor and solenoid, alternator, distributor, wiring harnesses, wiper motor, washer pump manually operated electrical switches, electronic control module, ignition module and electronic instrument cluster.

Supplement Restraint System
Airbags module and sensors, passenger presence module, steering wheel airbag coil, and seat belt tensioners. 

Electronic Vehicles
Electronic drive unit, auxiliary radiator, drive motor battery coolant radiator & cooler, drive motor generator control module coolant pump, liquid thermal battery management system, active aero grille shutters, battery heater, Liquid - cooled onboard charger, accessory DC power control module, high voltage disconnect fuse, battery control module, high voltage battery disconnect control module, drive motor generator power inverter module, battery energy control module, battery current sensor, drive motor battery charger, high voltage battery cables, charging door/plug-in port assembly and level 3 fast charging port assembly (on-board). 

Cooling and Fuel
Radiator, fan and clutch, engine fan motor, fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel tank selector valve. 

Transmission / Transaxle 
Case, all internal parts, torque converter, transfer case encorder motor, transmission mounts, seals and gaskets. 

Rear Suspension
Upper and lower control arms, control arms shaft and bushings, seals, stabilizer shaft, stabilizer bushing, coil and leafs springs. 
What's not covered by the Cadillac Protection Plan Total Plus?

The Cadillac Protection Plan Total Plus is an optional Service Contract providing you with financial protection from costly breakdowns that could happen to thousands  of your vehicle's mechanical and electrical components. Cadillac Protection Plan is not a warranty however, and certain types of repair and services that your vehicle may be require are beyond the scope of coverage. 

Examples of these include body and sheet metal work, as well as repairs or adjustments to glass or upholstery, tune-ups, engine oil and filter changes, and replacement of routine maintenance items such as shock absorbers/struts, brake pads/shoes, exhaust pipes, wheel alignments and wheel balancing. Certain parts and services not covered by the Cadillac Protection Plan may be covered by other warranties provided by General Motors. Dueck Cadillac can provide a more specific list. 
Technology Keep Advancing. So Does Our Coverage. 

We provide coverage for today's new automobile safety and advanced technology components such as: adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, forward collision alert, lane change alert with side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert, rear park assist and automatic parking assist. The Cadillac Total Plus Protection Plan provides peace of mind and coverage for these new automotive technology components. 
What's Peace of Mind Worth To You?

It all comes down to the level of assurance you need to feel comfortable. If you want to look forward to years of worry-free driving with more predictable operating costs, than you need to learn more about the Cadillac Protection Plan - the only plan GM recommends for your need or used vehicles.
Your Vehicle Has More Than 10,000 Parts. That's Why There's The Cadillac Protection Plan.

So, you just got the vehicle you really wanted. You can't wait to drive it off the lot. But the story doesn't end there. With more than 10,000 parts on a vehicle, there's a chance something is going to need to be repaired during the course of ownership.

While your vehicle may already by an existing warranty, the reality is that no new vehicles warranty covers every part, and failures can occur. That's why you need the Cadillac Protection Plan. It covers parts that your vehicle warranty may not - and it covers them longer. That translates into greater peace of mind.