Super Cruise



Offered on the 2018-2020 CT6, 2021 - 2022 Escalade, and the 2022 XT6; and forthcoming 2023 LYRIQ, available Super Cruise is the first true hands-free driving-assistance technology for divided and compatible highways Super Cruise utilizes advanced technologies to provide the ease and convenience of hands-free driving, even while changing lanes, thanks to Lane Change on Demand, offered on 2021 - 2022 Super Cruise - equipped vehicles. Your commute will never be the same.










Super Cruise driver assistance feature is available only on divided and compatible highways* that are separated from opposing traffic.

How It Works

With an attentive driver, and under the proper conditions, Super Cruise can permit hands-free operation of the vehicle.

Super Cruise works with Adaptive Cruise Control, which controls acceleration and braking while it is enabled and operating.

Super Cruise functions with Cadillac Connected Serivces and uses real-time precise positioning, cameras, sensors and LiDAR map data to help detect every curve, helping to mak drives and commutes comfortable and more convenient

In order to use Super Cruise, first press the Adaptive Cruise Control button on the steering wheel to turn on Adaptive Cruise Control. The symbol will illuminate in WHITE on the instrument cluster. If Adaptive Cruise Control is already set, the symbol will be GREEN with a speed shown.


When Super Cruise detects you are on a divided and compatible highway, paying sufficient attention, and all other driving conditions are met (lane markings visible, GPS available, no system faults), the Super Cruise symbol will illuminate in WHITE on the instrument cluster.

When it is safe to do so, press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel to engage Super Cruise. When the symbol and steering wheel light bar illuminate in GREEN, you may remove your hands from the steering wheel. Do not remove your hands from the steering wheel unless the light bar is green, indicating Super Cruise is steering the vehicle. To disengage Super Cruise, press the Super Cruise button again or press the brake pedal.

Newly offered on 2021 and 2022 Super Cruise-equipped vehicles, available Lane Change on Demand allows your vehicle to change lanes while Super Cruise is active. When the driver activates the turn signal, the system will look for an acceptable opening in the indicated lane and alert other vehicles that a lane change is imminent. If the indicated lane is determined to be open, the vehicle will merge into the desired lane.

Upon initiation, the gauge cluster will inform the driver when the auto lane change has begun or, if the desired lane is unavailable, it will notify the driver that merging must be manually completed. The system will display messages, such as "looking for an opening" or "changing lanes," to keep the driver informed.




Super Cruise functionality is enabled by a data connection for a real-time, precise positioning and periodic Super Cruise map updates. In order to operate Super Cruise, you must have an active and eligible Cadillac Connected Services plan Super Cruise vehicles are also connected to OnStar Emergency Services, so Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisors can assist drivers should be they become nonresponsive while Super Cruise is active.

All Super Cruise-equipped vehicles include 3 years of connectivity to support functionality, after which a Connected Services plan must be purchased.


The following features in your vehicle must be activated:
Adaptive Cruise Control is: ON
Forward Collision System set to: ALERT AND BRAKE

The following feature in your vehicle must be deactivated:
Teen Driver is: OFF



Make sure that:

  • The vehicle is on a divided and compatible highway
  • Lane markings are clearly visible (lane markings may be obscured, for example, by glare or poor weather conditions)
  • Camera or radar sensors are not covered, obstructed, or damaged
  • The Driver Attention Camera system detects that the driver appears attentive

Super Cruise does not perform all aspects of driving, nor does it do everything a driver can do. Super Cruise only steers to maintain lane position. Super Cruise can only be used with Adaptive Cruise Control. Super Cruise does:

  • Not prevent crashes or warn of possible crashes.
  • Not steer to avoid stopped or slow-moving vehicles, construction barriers or cone, motorcycles, children, pedestrians, animals, or other objects on the freeway.
  • Not steer in response to vehicles or objects next to your vehicle, including vehicles attempting to enter your lane.
  • Not change lanes.
  • Not steer to merge onto or to exit freeways.¬†
  • Not detect, steer to avoid or steer through construction zones.
  • Not function on surface streets.
  • Not respond to crossing or oncoming traffic
  • Not function in city driving conditions.



Drivers must pay attention to the road at all times. Our proprietary head tracking software helps make sure your eyes on the road, and alerts you when you need to pay more attention or take back control.


If the system detects that you may not be paying attention sufficiently to the road ahead, the steering wheel light bar flashes green to prompt you to return your attention to the road.


If the steering wheel light bar flashes green for too long and the system determines continued lack of attention to the road ahead, the steering wheel light bar flashes red to notify you to look at the road and steer the vehicle manually. Also, either beeps will sound or the Safety Alert Seat will vibrate.


If the steering wheel light bar flashes red for too long, a voice prompt will be heard. You should take over steering immediately; otherwise, the vehicle will slow in your lane of travel and eventually brake to a stop. Super Cruise and Adaptive Cruise Control will disengage.


Super Cruise may not be available or may disengage when active based on several operating conditions. Use the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel to view Driver Information Centre (DIC) messages about system operation.



These are some of the situations when Super Cruise should not be activated.

  • When you're not on a divided or compatible highway separated from opposing traffic
  • During difficult or uncertain driving conditions
  • When lane markings are poor or visibility is limited
  • In a tunnel or construction zones
  • In slippery or other adverse conditions, including rain, sleet, fog, ice or snow
  • On a road shoulder or service drive
  • When towing a trailer
  • Super Cruise is not designed to operate in a freeway or highway exit lane


To disengage Super Cruise press the Super Cruise button again or the brake pedal. If you grab the steering wheel AND press the brake pedal, Super Cruise and ACC will disengage.
If equipped with Lane Change on Demand, you are able to prompt the system to change lanes for you. However, Super Cruise will not steer to avoid safety situations. You need to take control to steer around a traffic situation or object, merge into traffic, exit the highway, make a turn or stop for crossing traffic or a traffic light, stop or other traffic control devices. Super Cruise does not steer to avoid construction zones.
Just begin to steer and the light bar should pulse blue. Once you are ready for Super Cruise to steer again, center the vehicle in the lane and wait for the steering wheel to turn green. You can remove your hands when the steering wheel is green.
It is important to always remember that Super Cruise is a convenience system and cannot accurately detect all situations. Super Cruise also cannot determine whether the driver is awake, asleep, impaired or properly focused on safe driving. Complete attention is always required while driving, even when using Super Cruise. The driver should always be prepared to take over steering or apply the brakes at any time. Complete attention and adherence to all applicable laws is always required.

Super Cruise will use the Adaptive Cruise Control set speed, however if you have not set the Adaptive Cruise Control speed when Super Cruise has activated, it will use your current speed as the Adaptive Cruise Control set speed. Super Cruise also will slow down around sharp curves.

Super Cruise map information is updated periodically. Automatic updates via your Cadillac Connected Services plan will occur for the latest Super Cruise road availability information. In the event that a map update is not completed within seven months, Super Cruise will be disabled. In order to get Super Cruise working again, you must either drive the vehicle long enough for the automatic updates via your Cadillac Connected Services plan to take effect or visit the dealer to have a new map update downloaded to the vehicle for a fee. Wi-Fi may be required for map updates. See your owner's manual for details.

  1. Verify that Teen Driver is not active
  2. Verify that the Wi-Fi hotspot is turned on
"Unavailable Turn on Adaptive Cruise Control"?
  • Set speed is not required before enabling Super Cruise.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control is required to turn on but not required to be engaged before enabling Super Cruise.
"Unavailable Set Forward Collision Setting to Alert and Brake"?
  • Select the Settings menu, then Vehicle, then Collision / Detection System, and then Forward Collision System.
  • Set the Forward Collision and Brake.
"Unavailable No Road Information"?
  • These is no map information available for that portion of a controlled access road. Recent road reconstruction may turn of Super Cruise for that section of road until new map information is available
  • The vehicle is not on the correct type of road. A divided and compatible highway is required for Super Cruise.
  • There are lanes entering or exiting on both the left and right side of the road.
  • The vehicle is approaching a interchange or intersection. The message will appear for 10 seconds or less.
"Unavailable Sensors Can't Find Lane Lines"?
  • Rain or snow is inhibiting the system's ability to see lane lines.
  • Direct sunlight is on the front camera at dawn or dusk.
  • There are missing or poor lane line marking on the road.
  • There is sun glare on the road surface.
  • There is heavy rain, puddles, or road spray.
"Unavailable Sensor Can't See Face Clearly"?
  • Sun is shining into the Driver Attention System (DAS) camera.
  • Dawn or dusk sun glare is on the driver's face.
  • Cups, food, hands, or other objects are obscuring the DAS view of the driver's face.
  • The steering column is pointed too high or low for the DAS to see the driver. Adjust the steering column or the seat if the message occurs frequently.
"Unavailable Looking Away From Road for Too Long"?
  • The DAS system detects that the driver is not looking at the road.
"Unavailable Centre Vehicle In Lane"?
  • The Super Cruise system has determined that the vehicle is not centred in the lane lines. Once the vehicle has been centred in the lane lines, the white ^ will display in the instrument cluster indicating that Super Cruise is available.
"Unavailable Driving Too Fast"?
  • The vehicle is traveling faster than 137 km/h (85 mph). The maximum Super Cruise speed in curves will vary based on how sharp the curve is. The vehicle will automatically decrease speed if needed.
"Unavailable Driving in Exit Lane"?
  • The Super Cruise system has detected¬† that the vehicle is in an exit lane.
"Unavailable GSP Signal Lost"?
  • There is poor reception in isolated areas.
  • Reception is being blocked by buildings or other large structures.
  • The owner's required Connected Services subscription may have ended.
"Unavailable You Have Taken Vehicle Control"?
  • The brake pedal is being pressed.
  • The Adaptive Cruise Control has been canceled or turned off.
"Unavailable Sensor Blocked"?
  • Clear snow, ice, or dirt or other contaminates from the front and rear areas of the vehicle.
"Unavailable Sharp Curve"?
  • Some curves are too sharp to be navigated by the Super Cruise System. Super Cruise will be available after the curve is traveled.
"Super Cruise Unavailable"?
  • Super Cruise is unavailable for reasons not described in other messages.
"Super Cruise Locked Out See Owner's Manual"?
  • The driver did not take control of the vehicle when prompted by the Super Cruise system. The Super Cruise system will be disabled until the ignition is turned off and back on.
The Super Cruise system is a highly sophisticated system and can be serviced by an authorized GM dealer whose technicians have the proper knowledge, training, tools, and safety instructions to perform repairs. Please see your owner's manual for more details.
Super Cruise is not available when Teen Driver is active. Super Cruise will not brake the vehicle when approaching an intersection that is controlled by a traffic light by a traffic light or stop sign. Super Cruise will not detect vehicles crossing the road ahead, including at intersections, and will not automatically steer or brake to prevent a collision. You must manually brake and steering the vehicle. Its important that you always stay engaged and vigilant at all times while driving. Consult your Owner's Manual for further limitations.