Welcome To Canada

Welcome To Canada

Helping you navigate the road ahead.

You've made Canada your new home and we're here to make the transition a little easier. We can help answer questions about the benefit of buying our vehicles, financing assistance and more!

We truly appreciate the contribution new immigrants make to Canada - that's why our Welcome To Canada Program gives new Canadian Permanent Residents or Temporary Workers with a valid work permit a $1,000 bonus* towards the purchase or lease of eligible new Cadillac vehicles.

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Dueck Auto Group has everything you need to get started. They're ready to answer your questions regarding combining offers, eligible vehicles, down payments and more.

Who is eligible for the $1,000 Welcome To Canada Bonus?
Individuals who hold a valid Permanent Resident Card issues in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 or Temporary Workers with a valid work permit are eligible.

Are there any other requirements?
Appropriate identification, including your Permanent Resident Card on a valid Work Visa are required. You must also possess a valid Canadian driver's license. 

Which vehicles are eligible for the Welcome To Canada Bonus?
Our Dueck Sales and Leasing Consultants are happy to provide you with a list on eligible vehicles.

Can I combine the Welcome To Canada Bonus with other programs or current retail incentives?
The Welcome To Canada bonus can be combined with many retail offers and corporate programs. Contact us at Dueck Cadillac for more details.